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The Edge Clinic - Austria

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The Edge Clinic (Austria) - Zauchensee - BASI Gap Course 1
The Edge Clinic (Austria) - Zauchensee - BASI Gap Course 1
The Edge Clinic (Austria) - Zauchensee - BASI Gap Course 2
The Edge Clinic (Austria) - Zauchensee - BASI Gap Course 3
The Edge Clinic (Austria) - Zauchensee - BASI Gap Course 4
The Edge Clinic (Austria) - Zauchensee - BASI Gap Course 5

BREXIT - Concerns? - Definitely Not!!

BASI Instructors and BREXIT.

Many people will be thinking "Why should I take a BASI qualification if we are leaving the European Union? Will the BASI qaulification be recognised?"
The reality is that there is probably no better time to get on the BASI ski instructor ladder.
The chances are that very little will change in the future either. Nevertheless, it’s always better to get on the ski instructor ladder now rather that let the opportunity slip by. We at the The Edge Clinic (Austria) have always been able to offer students employment here in Austria within the ski schools locally and we can happily announce that nothing has changed and there are no plans to change this. The opportunities for ski instructors here in Austria remains extremely positive.
The opportunities for ski instructors here in Austria remains extremely positive.
BASI is encouraging people not to delay taking BASI qualifications as a result of Brexit especially if they are Level 3 and looking to complete Level 4.
BASI Qualifications will continue to be recognised in the EU and throughout the world as we have an excellent reputation and the qualifications are aligned to the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework. This means BASI qualifications are also aligned to the UK and the European qualification frameworks recognised by employers and Universities. The BASI qualification is highly respected and valued. This will not change as a result of Brexit.

Below is a statement from the Chairman of BASI pointing out the commitment of BASI to ensure that BASI and its members will be recognised throughout Europe.

In the absence of any clear plan from the UK Government on the Brexit process, BASI believes that the status quo will continue for 16/17 season and possibly for a further year. All BASI Members who already have the recognition to work in European Countries, such as holders of the carte pro for France, will continue to be able to access and use this.

Following a recent conversation with our European snowsports counterparts, they have confirmed that, so long as BASI continues to comply with the rules and the processes as they currently stand, there will be no change to the recognition of qualifications.

The European Commission have also clarified the status quo:
“Until the process foreseen in Article 50 TEU has been triggered and completed, the UK continues to be an EU Member State, EU law continues to apply to the UK and in the UK.”

BASI will be monitoring developments on Brexit closely and we will adapt to whatever agreement evolves as a result of Brexit to ensure that UK nationals continue to be able to work in EU countries. In order to present the employment case for instructors in the EU, it is important we have up to date work status information on as many of the members as possible. The more who complete the survey the more statistically relevant the results, so even if you are not working as an instructor at the moment - please complete the survey. You can complete the survey anonymously and the information will be aggregated and presented to politicians and bureaucrats as and when required. We will also make the results available to Members so you can use it too.

For now, there is no change. BASI qualifications are recognised worldwide and we will continue to ensure that this remains the case.

Andrew Lockerbie
BASI Chief Executive Officer

Morlich House
17 The Square
Grantown on Spey
PH26 3ES
TEL: 01479 861717

Please Note: The Edge Clinic (Austria) Ltd is in no way associated with the Ski Instructor Academy Austria (Kaprun).